Competitive tenders in two bid system in separate sealed covers superscribed with the name and number of tender are invited from the Manufacturers/Direct Importers of Anti Cancer Drugs with Indian/ International market standing certificate of at least 3 years for the supply of Anti Cancer Drugs to Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum for the year 2013:14. The drugs manufactured by other companies on loan basis will not be considered for selection except those drugs which are imported. The tender forms with list of medicines and terms and conditions may be had from the Purchase division of RCC on payment of cost. Due date and time for receipt of tenders Due date and time for opening of tenders 06/05/2013, 2 PM Cost of tender form (original) Cost of tender form (duplicate if required) Rs.13,125 (Rs.12,500 + 5%tax) Application for tender form should be accompanied by DD/cash/ money order remittance of Rs.25,000/- plus 5% tax (Rs.26,250) which is the price fixed for the original form/set of forms and is not refundable under any circumstances. Tender from is not transferable. In addition to the above, the tender notices are available in RCC website for downloading from the computer by the
prospective tenderers. The cost of tender document ie, Rs.26,250 can be
paid in the form of demand draft drawn in favour of The Director, Regional
Cancer Centre, Trivandrum while submitting their tender document. The DD
should be kept along with the technical bid only.
The tender documents should contain two parts namely Technical bid
and Financial bid. The technical bid should contain the following documents.
1. The documents under (a) to (d) should be attested by a notary. The original should be produced for verification, if called for. a) Drug manufacturing license for each drug issued by the Drug controller. In the case of direct importers, valid import license should be produced. The validity of the manufacturing/import license should be upto 30/04/2014. if the license expires before 30/04/2014, copy of renewed license shall be submitted with in one month from the date of expiry. b) Indian/International Market standing certificate of 3 years for the company in the field of anti cancer drugs issued by the Drug controller. c) GMP certificate issued by the Drug controller. d) Sales tax clearance certificate for previous 2 years 2. Certificate in the letter head of the company to the effect that no prosecution action is pending against the firm and the license had not been suspended/cancelled for any reason. 3. Name and address of the banker in the letter head 4. Prescribed tender form/ downloaded form duly signed and sealed. 5. Compliance statement duly sealed and signed (Format is enclosed as 6. DD for Rs.26,250/- towards cost of tender form if downloaded from 7. Earnest money deposit of 1% of the total value of the quoted drugs, which is refundable after fulfilling the contact. 8. Agreement in Kerala stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly signed and sealed in each page. (Format is enclosed as Annexure - B) 9. An undertaking in the letter head to the effect that “if we supply the anti cancer drugs at a lesser price than that of RCC anywhere in India and if it is noticed, RCC can impose a penalty of double the difference amount with effect from the date of implementation of this tender”. 10. An undertaking in the letter head to the effect that “the drugs quoted in this tender are manufactured in our own manufacturing plant.” 11. 40 copies of the name of the drugs quoted must be enclosed for circulating among other venders at the time of technical bid opening.
The Financial bid should contain
a). Price of the drugs only.
The tenders duly filled and signed by the tenderer along with the above documents shall be submitted to The Director, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum, on or before 1 PM on 06/05/2013. The tenderers should quote the rates and amount in figures as well as words tendered by them. The tenderers should take care that the rates and amounts are written/typed in such a way that interpolation is not possible and no blank space should be left. Alterations, if any should be attested by the tenderer with their full signature and seal. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of 1% of the total value of quoted drugs shall be submitted by way of Demand draft, Deposit Receipt or Bank guarantee in favour of The Director, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum. If you are submitting the bank guarantee, its validity should be up to 30/04/2014. The technical bids will be opened at 2 PM on 06/05/2013 at the RCC main Conference Hall in the 7th floor in the presence of such tenderers or their authorized representatives who may be present at that time. Financial bid of technically qualified firms will be opened at a later stage and the date will be intimated. Director of Regional Cancer Centre reserves the right to accept or reject all or any tender at his sole discretion without assigning any reason. For legal purposes, the cause of action will be deemed to have arised in Thiruvananthapuram. ANTI CANCER DRUGS
26 Inj.Doxorubicin 50mg(Pegylated Liposomal) 70 Inj.Paclitaxel 30mg with codon set(1 codon for 8vial) Inj.Paclitaxel 100mg with codon set(1 codon for 2vial) Inj.Paclitaxel 260mg/300mg with codon set(1codon 1. The price quoted should be inclusive of all taxes and duties . Taxes not to be shown separately and only composite price to be quoted. Tax portion to be bifurcated only at the time of invoicing. If there is any reduction in Tax rate during the tenure of the contract, the benefit has to be passed to the purchaser. 2. The quantity mentioned in pre pages is approximate and RCC has the right to increase or decrease the quantity 3. The order will be released as per requirement and supply should be 4. The price quoted should be valid up to 30/04/2014. 5. The brand name of the medicines should be clearly specified. 6. In the case of tablets and capsules, loose packing will not be accepted. The price quoted should be for strip package only 7. The supplied medicines should have an expiry of at least one year from the date of supply. However the drugs with below one year expiry are supplied and accepted by RCC in emergency situation, RCC has the authority to deduct 5% of the cost of drugs per month or part thereof and payment will be released only after fully utilization of the drugs within the expiry period. In any circumstance, RCC will not accept the drugs with less than 3 months expiry. 8. Payment will be released only after the supply and acceptance of drugs. In respect of drugs supplied having remaining expiry period of above one year, if the supplier offers 3% discount on total bill amount, payment will be released within 30 days from the date of 9. If any adverse effects are reported, the supplier should take back the drugs from RCC main store at their risk and cost. At the time of supply and inspection if any damage is found, the value will be deducted from the invoice. The supplier shall be liable for all the consequential damages arising therefrom. 10. If the tenderer offers free drugs, that should be of same batch 11. The drugs should be supplied strictly in the main store of RCC during 12. The first supply should be completed within twenty one days from 13. If the drugs are not supplied within the stipulated period, the supply order will automatically stand cancelled at the risk and cost of the supplier. Subsequent purchase will be made from other sources and the loss if any sustained to RCC on this account will be realized from 14. The Drug Committee is the final authority to select the drugs. Format of the compliance statement is given below. The statement should be prepared, sealed & signed by the tenderer and attach with the technical bid. Column No.1 Serial Number as shown below Column No.2 Serial Number mentioned in RCC tender for each drug. For Column No.3 Please mention generic name of the drug as mentioned in the tender Column No.4 The brand name of your drug should be mentioned against generic name. Column No.5 Strength of the quoted drug should be mentioned. For example 5mg, 10mg etc Column No.6 Pack size of the quoted drugs should be mentioned. Column No.7 Normal storage life of the drug ( Total expiry period of drug) Column No.8 Manufacturing/Import license of each quoted drug should be mentioned Column No.9 Expiry date of Manufacturing/Import license of each quoted drug should AGREEMENT
Articles of agreement executed on this the day of …………(date) ….……… between the Director, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum (hereinafter referred to as “the Director”) of the one part and …………………………………………………………………………… …………………….(H.E. name and address of the tenderer) hereinafter referred to as the “bounden” of the other part. Whereas in response to the Tender Notification No.1/RCC/13:14 the bounden has submitted the
tender to Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum for the supply of anti cancer drugs in Regional Cancer
Centre, Thiruvananthapuram specified therein subject to the terms and conditions contained in the
said tender.
Whereas the bounden has also deposited with the Centre a sum of Rs. . . . as earnest money for execution of an agreement undertaking the due fulfillment of the contract in case his tender is accepted by the Centre. Now these presents witness and it is hereby mutually agreed as follows: 1.In case the tender submitted by the tenderer is accepted by the Centre and the contract for anti cancer drugs, the tenderer shall within 15 days of acceptance of his tender, execute an agreement with the Director incorporating all the terms and conditions under which the Centre accepts his tender. 2.In case the tenderer fails to execute the agreement as aforesaid incorporating the terms and conditions governing the contract, the Centre shall have power and authority to recover from the tenderer any loss or damage caused to the Centre by such breach as may be determined by the Centre by appropriating the earnest money deposited by the tenderer and if the earnest money is found to be inadequate to deficit amount may be recovered from him and his properties movable and immovable in the manner hereinafter contained. 3.All sums found due to the Centre under or by virtue of this agreement shall be recoverable from the tenderer and his properties movable and immovable under the provisions of the Revenue Recovery Act for the time being in force as though such area areas land revenue and in such other manner as the Centre may deem fit. 4.In witness whereof Director, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum and Shri…………………… (H.E name,designation and address for and on behalf of the tenderer) have hereunto set their hands the day and year shown against their respective signature. Signed by Director, Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum……………………………………………………. …(date) 1.………………………………………. 2.………………………………………. Signed by Shri………………………………………………………………….……(date) 1.………………………………………. 2.……………………………………….

Source: http://rcctvm.gov.in/pdf/tenders/Tender%20113.pdf


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