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Smallest COSMODIC –
BIG Results
(C-DOVE & 705m Stories Book)
“With the C-Dove I was able to stop all pain easily…”
Chronic shoulder pain experience

This is Neale Ensign in Melbourne, Fla and I had a chronic problem with my right shoulder
several months ago. In Sept 2010 I bought a C-Dove from your organization and applied it
right away. I received immediate relief from pain (2 to 4 minutes) and went on like this for
over two months. The pain would shift about my right shoulder from the top of the
shoulder to back along its back side, then up above at the collar bone attachment to the
shoulder and finally over by my spine above the right shoulder blade.
After this length of time and still no final resolution I suspected a possible spinal condition I
had had several years ago. The Atlas vertebrae out of position. A check with my
Chiropractor proved this was the problem, but even with my vertebrae back into position it
took about 6 weeks for this condition to be resolved with the vertebrae staying in place.
Then with my C-Dove and further use in stopping the residual pain in my shoulder slowly for
several weeks I have returned to normal with no further shoulder problem.
The real root cause was my posture. As a very old man I had slumped forward with my
shoulders and head position causing the Atlas to come out of its normal position. I am now
standing tall and straight.
With the C-Dove I was able to stop all pain easily and many times this lasted for hours
or even into the next day.
My only use of the C-Dove now is to my eyes where I have AMD in the left one at an early
stage of development. I took my first 6 months check up since finding this problem out and
the Doc just said it had stayed the same and needed no further treatment, so in 6 more
months I'll learn again where I am with this AMD problem.

Neale Ensign
Melbourne, FL

“By the next morning I was back to 100%”
Dealing with flu
I have a few scenar / cosmodic stories that may help others. This story occurred during flu season last year. A few months before I had seen a posting on the OneMedicine site (by Dr. Rob Esser) where he mentioned a trick he used with acupuncture, from traditional Chinese medicine (actually with an acupuncture technique called cupping) for the flu. He said that if you could catch a person within 24 hr of the start of the flu, they could often stop it immediately by simply cupping the B11 acupuncture point on the back. He felt that it should work with cosmodic as well as with cupping, and suggested trying it, using a cosmodic device on B11 on both sides. He said that a cosmodic should draw, like cupping does, not push, like scenar does. He said that if it was successful (as he thought it HealthBoss Publishing 905-468-0033 toll-free 855-468-0033 probably would be) “the result will be noticeable instantly”. He said that when it works, it disables the virus and gives control back to the immune system. That was a tidbit of information that I filed away, figuring I probably would never use it. Then it happened. One evening I began to feel worse, and within a couple hours it was clear that I was well on my way to having a good case of the flu. I figured I would be in for a rough night. Then I remembered what Dr. Esser had said, dug up the place of the B11 acupuncture
point, and broke out my little 705 (the only pure cosmodic unit I had). I tried the maybe 45
seconds to a minute per side on each B11 point (one on each side of the back), and there
was an immediate breaking of the problems. It was very noticeable. I wasn’t perfect yet,
but felt a lot better, no more chills or other major flu symptoms. It was getting close to bed
time, and I simply went to bed when I normally would, had a good night’s sleep, and by
the next morning I was back to 100% with not even residual symptoms of the flu
Jeff Gibbs
Edmonton, AB

“She came out with a great smile on her face”
Treating constipation
Terry is a retired nurse who has been hooked on pharmaceutical drugs, especially Lortab and Xanax. She came into the office one day to get help with her high unrelenting anxiety and complained of misery with constipation. I said, “Oh, we can get that cleared up.” She was surprised that it would be possible. Working on the belly was easy and on the back spinal nerve roots that control the stomach.
It took only about 10 minutes to do the work dosing the back and the belly with the C-
Dove. In about 10 minutes Terry excused herself and went to the bathroom. She came out
with a great smile on her face and reported that she felt so good to be so cleaned

A similar thing happened with Sherma, a 68 year old with Parkinson’s Disease. She was so bound up with constipation secondary to her medications and she was miserable. I painted her belly with the Scenar and dosed the spinal nerve roots along the back during a home visit. I left her home then. She called me about 20 minutes later and she was laughing and telling me that she had gotten rid of all the plugged up stuff that had been there for over a week. She was very relieved. Dr. Marie Green
Ogden, UT
December 8, 2010 at 9:42 pm (Edit)

HealthBoss Publishing 905-468-0033 toll-free 855-468-0033 VICTORIA FUGIT (Moab, UT)
“I am once again painting and functioning at about 80% capacity instead of 25%”
Treatment of radiation therapy side effects
I borrowed a friend’s C-DOVE because I was at the end of my rope and couldn’t see how I could keep going. The tops of my feet and ankles felt like the bones were broken and then burned. The pain was so bad that my chiropractor was unable to even touch, let alone treat them. I had taken anti-inflammatories, done exercises etc. and they just got worse. On top of that, after radiation “therapy”, the bones supporting my teeth were receding and teeth were scheduled to be pulled. My digestion was awful also since “therapy” and bowel and urinary function was not normal. My general outlook was dismal and even meditation was difficult. I worked on myself 2xs a day for about 4 days and eliminated the pain and was once again
able to walk my dog. The bowel and urinary problems lessened considerably. I don’t yet
know for certain about the teeth, as I haven’t returned to the dentist. The mental gloom
and inability to focus has lifted and I am once again painting and functioning at about
80% capacity instead of 25%
. I am so grateful for this technology. I had heard about it
30 years ago, but was never able to find it, until Marie Green told me about it and shared
her machine with me.
Thank you for all you are doing to make this technology available on a wider scale. The
best marketing really is “friend to friend” and sharing experiences
“When I woke up there was NO pain–NOTHING!!”
Bad fall experience
While outside putting the garden to bed for the winter, I tripped over my dog’s leash which was pulled taught from both ends. I went down hard on a concrete patio on both knees, both hands and an elbow. I thought I had broken my knee caps and possibly my wrist. The pain was so great that I couldn’t get up and just laid there and cried until a friend came by and helped me inside. The first thing I did was take Perelandra’s Emergency Trauma Solution, so I could think of
what do next. I used the C-DOVE on both knees, both hands, wrists and elbow, then slept
for 2 hours. When I woke up there was NO pain–NOTHING!!
The next day there was some stiffness in my upper arms — used the C-DOVE on them for
maybe 5 minutes and —GONE!
It’s been a week and it’s as if I never fell. I’m amazed and want everyone in the world
to have access to this technology. We could break the hold of the AMA and Big Pharma and
take the responsibility for our health back.
HealthBoss Publishing 905-468-0033 toll-free 855-468-0033 Thank you, more than I can say. I can hardly wait to get my own Cosmodic device and the
Victoria Fugit
Moab, UT

“All this with one five minute treatment!! And no Dose!”
Miraculous recovery of a badly injured cat
A friend of mine has a cat who was in collision with a car, resulting in loss of sight in one eye, broken jaw in two places and general lassitude afterwards. She took the cat to the vet straight away and the vet gave a 50/50 chance of recovery for a good quality of life. None of the internal organs were damaged. She took the cat home after the vet had given her instructions for feeding the cat through a tube into the stomach and the cat just stayed in one spot like a statue barely breathing. She was told the cat would need feeding this way for two weeks and would need regular painkillers. I offered the 705 cosmodic to her on the second day, which she accepted. Remarkably, on the second day after the accident, she stroked the cat with the Cosmodic for about five minutes and that was the only treatment. Within an hour, the cat was up and playing and a short while later was feeding itself. The tube was taken out the next day, and since that time the cat has healed nicely and it’s non seeing eye looks like a beautiful opal, iridescent and healthy. It has caught a few birds since the accident and is hugely cuddly and vigorous. All this with one five minute treatment!! and no Dose!
Howard Gimber
United Kingdom

Dr. MARIE GREEN (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)

“This all brought her more and more relief”
Treatment of headaches due to heavy metal poisoning
Martha had heavy metal poisoning and was put on Social Security Disability due to the severity of her condition. She has pain everywhere in her body. Lots of nerve pain, depression, anxiety and headaches along with peripheral neuropathy pain. HealthBoss Publishing 905-468-0033 toll-free 855-468-0033 She has tried everything to get relief and is currently attending a pain clinic where she is given pain medications, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and drugs for sleep. She often comes in after days of a headache that she cannot stop with meds. I proceed to ask Martha to point with one finger to where her head hurts. She points to the temporal areas on both sides. I apply the C-Dove and wait for it to dose on the left temple. Then I do the same thing on the right. It takes about six minutes altogether and her headache at the temples is gone. She has some pain in the back part of her head where the neck connects to the head. Her muscles were very hard and tight in a spasm. I applied the C-Dove to each side of the neck at the base of the skull and then down the neck. Martha reports that her neck pain and headache often come from her shoulders. We worked on her shoulders starting with her upper spine dosing the areas of T1 down to about T 7-8. This all brought her more and more relief. Her headache disappeared and her neck and
shoulders were relieved of the spasms. She was delighted.

“She is sleeping better and is grateful for that”
Restless Legs Healed with Scenar/Cosmodic
Sharon was diagnosed with a Parkinson’s like condition at age 23 years. She is now 50 years old and continues with tremors and other symptoms. Recently she has suffered from restless leg syndrome. Her physician put her on Requip but it was too expensive for her. She was having many sleepless nights and so he then put her on benzodiazapines or Xanax. When I learned of this I told her about the high addiction rate and the gross difficulties associated with this drug. She went off from it and did have some difficulty with withdrawal. Shortly after this I was reading a scenar therapist’s posts and it was suggested that dosing the top and bottom of the spine would stop restless legs. So we did that with Sharon. At first the restless legs continued about every 2 minutes. So, we dosed the top and bottom of the spine again and the restlessness slowed to once every 5 minutes. Then we dosed again and the restlessness slowed to once every 10 minutes. One last time we dosed the top and bottom of the spine and the restless legs stopped. The stopped restless legs lasted for approximately one month. We repeated the process
again and the restlessness stopped again. Another month passed and we repeated the
process. This time the restlessness was more difficult to overcome and so we added a
product that includes L-Arginine. The combination has worked very well. No drugs. No
benzos. She is sleeping better and is grateful for that.
We have used the 735 or C-Dove for this treatment. HealthBoss Publishing 905-468-0033 toll-free 855-468-0033 “It has now been one year- and there is still no evidence of glaucoma”
Glaucoma Healed with C-Dove
A client I will call Glenna had been diagnosed with glaucoma by two different eye doctors in
Sedona, Arizona. Four years later she came to our center with some issues regarding brain
problems associated with a stroke. At 65 years of age she was not happy with difficulties
the stroke left her with.
We began simply working with some neurofeedback to help her improve balance and coherence in the brain. One day she came in and we had been using the pRoshi to improve brain coherence. Due to
a headache we added a treatment around the eyes for sequelae related to the stroke. Dr.
Irina had stated that the treatment around the eyes was to be around the orbits. So the C-
Dove was used in a radial pattern around the orbits of the eyes like around 3 0′clock, 6
o’clock, 9 o’clock and twelve. Each of these sites were “dosed” with the C-Dove. This
treatment occurred with both eyes but only once.
Subsequently Glenna was seen by an eye doctor who could find no evidence of
. She was shocked and reported this. It has now been one year and she has had
her eyes re-check and there is still no evidence of glaucoma.
While there were confounding variables of the pROshi and the C-Dove we believe that the
combination was a key factor. The pRoshi brings up the perfusion and that helped they eye
to balance the blood flow and enhance it while the C-Dove recalibrated the frequencies in
the eye and restored normalcy.
Dr. Marie Green
Ogden, Utah
“C-DOVE is ideal for headaches”
How to quickly deal with headaches

This is the experience I wanted to share with the Scenar Therapists.
I put the C-Dove wherever it hurts on the head and wait until it doses. This usually works
very well and quickly. Today I used the regular Dove to paint the forehead and that worked
too, but the c-dove really is ideal for headaches.
I part the hair and then squirt some water on the scalp… put the C-Dove on the sore spot
and it makes the headache go away… Even the worst migraine leaves in about 10
If the migraine has lasted many days, it might take 20 minutes to make it go
Dr. Marie Green
Utah, USA
HealthBoss Publishing 905-468-0033 toll-free 855-468-0033


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