Good kids 2013 winners

Good Kids 2013 Award Recipients Hannah Boyd, Adams Upper Elementary School Nominated by Sandy Linsher “Hannah is an extremely hardworking young lady. She is involved in her school, community and interested in making it a better place. She is carrying all A’s right now and is a respectful student. She is a complete joy to have in class.” Saleaha Davis, Wayne Memorial H.S. Nominated by Valerie Orr “Saleaha Davis is soft-spoken but a natural born leader. She has been involved in and out of school – balancing school activities, good grades, and community service. She involves herself in rigorous curriculum which includes dual enrollment at a community college. She has been active with ROTC (3 years — leadership, Varsity Color Guard, Varsity Drill, Varsity Exhibition, Honor Guard, Orienteering, and Varsity Raider), 2 years in the student government (junior class Recording Secretary), 1 year Junior Varsity Softball, and 1 year Varsity Track and Field. Saleaha is also actively involved in volunteerism in her school community and city and state community at large. To date, she has performed 252 hours through the ROTC program – worked at K-Mart in customer service/cashier.” Taylor Festerman, Wayne Memorial H.S. Nominated by Lindsay Roussaeu “Taylor is an active member of the Wayne Memorial Student Senate, where she heads up the Employee Recognition Committee. She is also a KLAA Representative for the school where she plans community service projects with students from other area schools. Taylor is a role model of all students in that she works hard for the sake of others at WMHS and in the community.” Angela Fisher, Wayne Memorial H.S. Nominated by Richard Story “Angela volunteered to work at the Wayne Historical Museum on Saturdays for one year. Angela learned how the museum is run, how the archives are stored, she did research projects, dusted, picked up papers on the grounds, educated visitors and assisted in the office. Angela learned the history of Wayne and her school WMHS. Angela is a member of the following at WMHS, Student Government Executive Board, the Art Club, World Language Club, Kick-off Mentor Group. Angela is a life long Wayne resident. She has been accepted by 10 universities and is looking at pre-law or pre-med studies.” Sarah Hayes, St. Mary’s Nominated by Christine Hayes “Sarah is an outstanding role model. She is very involved in St. Mary’s school and church. There she is a member of the safety patrol, choir, band, JV soccer, and varsity bowling teams. Even with all these activities, she maintains high academic standards and is on the Honor Roll. She is highly motivated, kind, considerate and generous to all. She looks for the good in people and truly is a ‘good kid’.” Amy Hoch, Wayne Memorial H.S. Nominated by Jessica Schultz “Amy embodies a service attitude and spirit. She has single-handedly made a tremendous impact at Wayne Memorial by striving to include all students and make Wayne Memorial a better community.” Marcus Jordan, Wayne Memorial H.S. Nominated by Valerie Orr “I am nominating Marcus Jordan because he is a great kid and a good citizen. Marcus puts forth countless hours receiving extra help to assure that he meets the high standards of both himself and all of his teachers. He has met these high expectations with the added challenge of participating in several extra curricular activities, such as JROTC, wrestling, and track. Marcus has shown himself to be a model citizen within the community. He has put forth many hours of volunteering his time within the community. He continues to participate in community events through the school, such as holiday events for Christmas and Halloween. He has also taken time out of his schedule to paint houses within the community.” Yasmin Lopez, Taft-Galloway Elementary Nominated by Vicki Sorenson “Yasmin Lopez is an absolutely sweet, charming and positive student at Taft-Galloway. She eludes happiness every time you look at her, and she can make everyone around her feel good with just a smile. Yasmin is a perfect candidate for the Good Kids, Good Citizens, Good Community Award. The keyword is GOOD – and everything Yasmin does is good. Yasmin serves on Taft’s service and safety squad because of the constant good decisions she makes. She has made the honor roll every card marking this year, she has been invited to attend every Positive Behavior Support reward activity. Yasmin has also been ‘requested’ to help tutor younger students at Taft. She has proven to be highly respected, and it is wonderful that she is able to teach other students. When I look at Yasmin I think of the fact that small acts make a big impact. One hardly knows Yasmin is around because she is so quiet, but her effects are greatly acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you, Yasmin, for being such a GOOD person. ” Megan Macek, Wayne Memorial H.S. Nominated by Valerie Orr “Megan has stepped up as a leader in the Interact Club this year. She is an officer and has been actively involved in club activities throughout the year. At every event we’ve attended, she has proven herself to be responsible, articulate, and a great representative of the Wayne-Westland community. At ‘Book and Blanket’ night at Hicks Elementary, for example, she helped parents and students and was well-spoke, polite, and an absolute natural with the kids. She also represented our school well at a Project ACE event, and the Project ACE team members were impressed with her maturity and dedication to excellence in school and beyond. Outside of Interact, Megan has a 4.0+ GPA and is also involved with our track and cross country teams, Upward Bound, and NHS. She does all of this (and more, I’m sure) while holding down a job outside of school. Megan represents what it means to have Wayne PRIDE, and is a great citizen of our school and local communities. Kiera Matiska, Franklin Middle School Nominated by Stacie Bukosky “Kiera’s dream is to attend an Ivy League school after she graduates from high school. Kiera has come to me asking what she needs to do to make this dream happen. Kiera’s involved in the school’s drumline, National Junior Honors Society and is an excellent example of a positive role model. She encourages her classmates to stay on task and is always a friend to everyone. She is kind and extremely respectful. She comes to school with a smile everyday! I am honored to be her ELA teacher, I am so proud of her! Mirian Mendoza, Taft-Galloway Elementary School Nominated by Vicki Sorenson “I am nominating Mirian Mendoza for the Good Kids, Good Citizens, Good Community Award because of her strong sense of citizenship. So many other students look up to, and admire, Mirian because of her academic excellence and confidence. All of these qualities separate her from the average person. One of the things I noticed about Mirian almost immediately when I met her is that she never complains about anything. She accepts everything and everyone, and she moves forward without hesitation. Whenever I need a student to help redirect and/or motivate another student, they end up by Mirian – and she never questions why. She just instinctively knows what is being asked of her. Mirian is always on the honor roll with all A’s. She serves as a service and safety squad member, she always attends PBS rewards and she is a student tutor. She is highly motivated to be the very best that she can be in ALL areas. Teachers cannot always pinpoint what makes a student special, but we just recognize those students. Mirian is one of these people, and we all know that she will be a huge success no matter what she chooses to do. Congratulations, Mirian. Kushi Patel, Taft-Galloway Elementary School Nominated by Vicki Sorenson “Kushi Patel is currently a fourth grader at Taft-Galloway Elementary. However, she has far more social maturity, drive and confidence than the average fourth grader. Kushi serves as a positive role model for all of our Taft students. She is the office service squad student, and as such is trusted to greet all parents and students who enter our school. Kushi is also a television personality! She broadcasts all of our school news with a true sense of calm confidence every day. Every teacher in our school hopes that Kushi will end up in their classroom because we all know that she is such a strong, positive role model for every student. There is absolutely nothing Kushi cannot do, and nothing that Kushi is not called upon to do because of the high level of trust and leadership she has built within our staff It is with a great deal of respect and admiration that I submit, and thank, Kushi Patel for being an outstanding young person. Tammy Spadacini, Adams Upper Elementary Nominated by Amy Wassick “Tammy wrote her opinion paper for class about helping homeless people in our community. She then got 3 other girls together to start a club called the ‘Homeless Helpers’, where they are trying to raise money to donate to the Wayne County Family Center. To do this, the girls are requesting each student to donate 5 pennies a day to a jar that will be located in each classroom. The girls are facilitating this entire project.” Dymon Taylor, Wayne Memorial H.S. Nominated by Valerie Orr “Dymon Taylor’s sense of maturity is demonstrated by her ability to balance extracurricular endeavors, volunteer activities, work inside the community, and her commitment to academic excellence. She is soft-spoken but born to lead. She involves herself in a rigorous curriculum which includes dual enrollment at a community college. She has been involved in volunteerism and has spent over 100 hours benefiting countless individuals – this includes New Hope Tabernacle performing secretarial and audio tech services, helping at Community Holiday Night, Schweitzer Fall Carnival, Parent/Teacher Conferences and FMS conferences, and working at Kroger.” Samantha Tillman, Franklin Middle School Nominated by Gwen Fretenborough “Samantha is always helping around the school. She is an excellent role model and above average student. Whenever someone is in need, Sam is there to lend a hand. She is also in National Junior Honors Society.” Frank Toarmina, Franklin Middle School Nominated by Christine Cicirelli Bryant “Frank is a polite and respectful young man. He is always thoughtful with his words and actions. He shows respect and consideration for school property and his peers. He is a leader among his peers. Frank consistently exhibits character attributes of self discipline and perseverance. He makes positive choices in situations and is always willing to try to understand and recognize someone else’s point of view. Frank always sees a job through to the end, consistently challenging himself and pushing his performance a little further. Frank is a dependable student people feel comfortable trusting with any responsibility and know that he can be counted on to do his best. He is willing to help other students make positive choices and help them see the best they can be. He is patient and understanding with his peers.” Judy Ward, Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary Nominated by Cynthia Mitchell “Judy is a wonderful example of a good citizen. Judy is always trying her best in school. She is performing above grade-level in all areas! Her positive attitude is very contagious and appreciated. Judy also plays an active role in her church. She is in the choir, volunteers her time, cooks for fellowship, cleans and is just a wonderful example of an awesome citizen!” Matthew Wedlake, Franklin Middle School Nominated by Mrs. Brock “Matthew is an exceptional young man! He is a 7th grader at Franklin Middle School and always has a smile on his face! Matthew is a 4.0 student and takes both Advanced Math and Advanced English. We are so excited to have him at FMS next year in 8th grade.” Shemarr Wesley, Taft-Galloway Nominated by Vicki Sorenson “Shermarr Wesley is a perfect role model for all of my students. The one thing that stands out in my mind about Shemarr is that he is always paying attention to me, and he loves to come to school. When I am teaching, Shemarr is always sitting up starting, on the edge of his chair, with perfect posture. His face is always focused on mine, and no matter what I ask of him he is always willing to step up to the plate. This shows a strong sense of security, and other students can and do look up to him and admire him. Shemarr serves on Taft-Galloway’s Service and Safety squad. In fact, he served on squad in both third and fourth grade. Shemarr always receives an invitation to out Positive Behavior rewards as well. He is so special and perfect in so many ways that I sometimes think we should print his picture on our PBS tickets! I cannot thank Shemarr enough for being the wonderful young man that he is, and I know that he will ALWAYS be the strong leader tomorrow that he is today. Congratulations, Shemarr!



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